Didaktička sredstva za slepe i slabovide

Graničnici za pisanje A4 i A5

  Writing frameA4 i A5 writing frame, black

A4 and A5 frames has 15 lines to the page. Supplied with a Berol washable handwriting pen which can be kept in the clip at the top of the frame. Non-slip pads on the back of the frame prevent slippage and increase control when writing.

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Braille Scrabble

Braille ScrabbleBestselling word game Scrabble is available for English language braille readers!

Each of the letter tiles has a braille label, as well as clear print labelling. The playing board has tactile dots on the premium letter squares and tactile dashes on the premium word squares. There are pegs at the corners of each square to help locate the tiles into position and on some squares there are labels with tactile dots and bars, marking the premium letter and word squares.

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Drvene geometrijske figure

Drvene geometrijske figureAll-wood, compact, educational and affordable.
Sturdy, fabric zippered storage bag measures 5" long, 3-1/2" wide, and 1" thick.
6 wooden 3D shapes: cubes, cylinders, cones and triangular prisms.
4 sizes of each shape, from 1" to 1/2" tall.

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Pribor za pisanje za slepe učenike

Brajeva tabla za pisanje brajevog pisma Slepi učenici (učenici oštećenog vida) za ručno pisanje na Brajevom pismu (Brajevoj azbuci) koriste Brajevu pisaću tablu i šilo. Papir mora biti dovoljno čvrst kako bi reljefne (taktilne) tačke bile otporne na prevlačenje prstima pri čitanju.
Na tabli se piše s desna u levo, a čita s leva u desno. Numeracija tačaka pri pisanju na tabli se vrši u obrnutom rasporedu pa se tačke levog reda imenuju kao 4., 5., 6., a tačke desnog reda kao 1., 2., 3.
Šilo za ručno pisanje brajevim pismom

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Govorni kalkulatori

Govorni kalkulator

Govorni kalkulator

Reizen (english Speech) - govorni kalkulator sa Engleskim govorom

Enjoy the convenience of hearing calculations spoken! While in calculator mode, all digits and functions entered, as well as calculation results, are read aloud. The time is displayed on the LCD. Built-in alarm with beep sound.

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