Računarska pomagala za slepe osobe


ElBrailleElBraille je prenosni uređaj namenjen slepim i gluvo-slepim korisnicima kojima je potreban računar u školi, kod kuće, na poslu i na putu.


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Olovke za čitanje Scanmarker



The ElBraille is a portable device designed for users who are blind or deaf-blind and want to stay connected at school, work, or home as well as on the go.

ScanMarker je interesantan uređaj, koji olakšava prekucavanje, prevođenje i čitanje teksta. 

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EasyLink 12 Touch

EasyLink 12 TouchThe first wireless Braille assistant that combines the benefits of touch screen access, a Braille display and Notetaker in an ultra-portable and stylish design.

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Sistem za komunikaciju za gluvo-slepe osobe - Interpretype

Independent and Portable Two-Way ConversationComputer screen showing Interpretype.

This Deaf-Blind solution allows individuals the ability to communicate electronically face-to-face, or over a distance. The Interpretype® Deaf-Blind Communication System is a full-spectrum solution that is easy to use for communicating via Skype™, IP-Relay, SMS text messaging, instant messaging, and face to face. Users can communicate over a distance using the Internet, or face to face using Bluetooth®.

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