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Glasna zvučna tabla - Noisy Sound Board

Pirate - Effects Wheel The fabulous colourful sound boards are easy to install and look great as stand-alone items or incorporated within a Softplay environment. They encourage movement and help develop cause and effect skills. Why not build a story around the pictures on the boards and have a group story session with one of the following themes?

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Vodeni kreveti - Waterbed

Vodeni kreveti - WaterbedOur Sensory Waterbed is the perfect addition to any sensory room, helping to make the user relaxed and comfortable. The mattress moulds itself to the shape of the body to give full support while the heated element helps to improve circulation and blood flow. The even distribution of body weight is especially beneficial to those suffering with joint pain and muscular disabilities due to less stress being placed on the body with the Sensory Waterbed.

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