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Optelec Compact 6 HD

 Optelec Compact 6 HDWith the pocket-sized Compact 6 HD, you can enjoy sharp magnification on a 6-inch touch screen.

The Compact 6 HD is more than just another electronic magnifier. Being only 14 mm thin, it is a pocket-sized, 6-inch touch screen magnifier that you can use at your desk, at a store, at home, at school, or at the office.

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Compact mini

Compact miniWould you like a quality magnifier that fits in your pocket? Are you searching for a simple, lightweight device to read on location?

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Compact 7 HD

Compact 7 HD

Are you looking for a magnifier to use at home, school or in the office? Do you wish to instantly start reading with the press of a button?

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Compact+ HD

Compact+ HD

This small and light weight video magnifier offers more reading comfort than an optical magnifier.

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Traveller HD

Traveller HD

Would you like to read in multiple locations? Are you looking for a more natural and fluent reading experience?

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