Govorni i taktilni uređaji za svakodnevni život za slepe

AnyBook Reader - Optički čitač oznaka i nalepnica

AnyBook™ is a magical reading pen enabling words and pictures to talk using your vocal recordings with any book ... that's right, ANY BOOK! Use it with: comic books, coloring books, number and language books, chapter books, newspapers and more.

Empower children from the earliest ages with an engaging, enhanced reading experience. Encourage behaviors that make kids enthusiastic readers.


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Čitač oznaka i nalepnica - Foxy Reader Set

Govorni čitač nalepnica, privezaka i igračkih karata, MP3 plejer i snimač

Foxy  Reader možete koristiti za obeležavanje stotine svakodnevnih kućnih predmeta uključujući kolekcije CD diskova, namirnice (uključujući namirnice i predmete u zamrzivaču i frižideru), lekove i odeću. Možete ga takođe koristiti za identifikovanje komandnih tastera, na primer tastera na uređajima, liftu, ili za prepoznavanje važnih dokumenata.

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Ultrazvučni štapovi

Ray - Ultrasonic GuideRay is a small, extremely sensitive electronic mobility aid emitting acoustic and / or tactile signals. It has been designed to complement the ordinary long cane. Its ultrasonic emission can be compared to the cone of light of a torch and will help you to recognize obstacles much faster and get a more detailed knowledge of your environment:

Ray is a small and handy lightweight (60 g). It works with 2 long-lasting AAA batteries and fits in every pocket.


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