Yinyang - The low vision sensory room

Ideal for those with a visual impairment, this package features soft furniture with contrasting colours and wireless control of the bubble tube, fibre optics and more.

Bright and vibrant colours are seen when products are exposed to UV light giving a stark response.

This package provides visual challenges and eye-catching fun that inspires visual interaction and development.

Ideal for those with a visual impairment, this package features soft furniture in contrasting black and white, so that bright and vibrant colours are seen when the room is exposed to UV light. This stark contrast makes this package a stimulating sensory experience and eye-catching fun suitable for all users, but its primary use is to inspire visual interaction and development in those who need a distinctive contrast to aid their perception. When users with visual impairments can perceive these contrasting colours, they can start to learn skills such as cause and effect, switching skills and hand-eye co-ordination. The Yinyang low-vision sensory package features a black wireless IRiS Colour Selector Deluxe and a black and white Qube with pre-printed inserts, both of which can be used to control the IRiS Bubble Tube, Soundboard, Recordable Speaker, Infinity Tunnel and Fibre-optic Widebore. The black and white Infinity Mirror Corner and UV Lumiglow panel and its torch then provide additional visual interaction and development. The room uses IRiS products throughout, meaning you can continue to add to this room as often as you like with more switches (talkers) or products (listeners) specific to your users’ needs.

Yinyang includes:

  • 1.5m IRiS Bubble Tube
  • Curved Bubble Tube Plinth: white with a black top (900mm x 900mm x 400mm)
  • 2x Curved Acrylic Mirrors (0.9m x 1.5m)
  • 4m IRiS Fibre-optic Widebore
  • Black IRiS Colour Selector Deluxe
  • Black & White IRiS Qube
  • IRiS Soundboard
  • IRiS Recordable Speaker
  • Black & White Infinity Mirror Corner
  • 6-way Master Pairer
  • IRiS Infinity Tunnel - square, circle or triangle on request
  • UV Lumiglow panel with torch
  • UV Light
  • Bluetooth Amplifier with Gesture Control
  • Wall-mounted Speakers
  • Bubble Tube Wall Bracket
  • Bubble Tube Additive (BCB)
  • Bubble Tube Emptying Kit with Footpump
  • Instruction Manuals
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- Yinyang - The low vision sensory room : 7500 GBP + PDV (ako se placa)
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