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Yinyang - The low vision sensory room

YinyangIdeal for those with a visual impairment, this package features soft furniture with contrasting colours and wireless control of the bubble tube, fibre optics and more.

Bright and vibrant colours are seen when products are exposed to UV light giving a stark response.

This package provides visual challenges and eye-catching fun that inspires visual interaction and development.

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Umirujuća senzorna soba - Wabi-Sabi - The calming sensory room

Wabi-SabiThis safe haven is ideal for relaxation and de-escalation or just to process thoughts when life becomes overwhelming. The room features a choice of places to sit or lie, each with their own calming product with which to interact.

Whether you prefer the stability of the specially designed bubble tube plinth, the cocooning effect of the fibre-optic softie, or the freedom of the floor and the fibre-optic carpet, the choice is of where to sit and relax is yours.

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Senzorni ugao

view-source: Sensory Corner Starter Pack is an ideal starter pack which is ideal for developing colour recognition and switching skills. Promote a calm and relaxing environment with the Sensory Corner Starter Pack

Our range of Sensory Room Packages provide a quick and easy off the shelf solution to your sensory needs. Each pack has been specifically designed to create a number of sensory environments. The Sensory Corner Starter Pack comprises of a range of projection and interactive Bubble Tube and Fibre Optic equipment t create a stimulating interactive multisensory environment

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