Aurora LED Sensory Projector

Aurora LED ProjectorThe Aurora LED Sensory Projector was designed by Experia to project a vast range images with the range of effects wheels which can also be customised. Create limitless projections and themes with the Aurora LED Sensory projector.

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Solar Projector


Solar 250 Projector

The Solar 250 projector is perfect for almost any purpose from relaxation through to story telling and social interaction. Create bright visual projections for large rooms with the Solar 250 Projector.

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Space Projector

Space ProjectorProjects a rotating image of up to 1.5m in diameter onto a wall or ceiling.
Each projector comes with an oil wheel of your choice: red/yellow or blue/green.

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Sphere Projector

Sphere ProjectorThis projector will light up a bedroom with a colourful kaleidoscopic show, and keep them entertained for hours. Whether you use the projector as a night light or an activity, the colourful dancing shapes will have you and your children mesmerized. The Sphere Projector's night light has a removable cap that can turn soft mood lighting into an awe-inspiring light show on your walls and ceiling.

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6-o inčni točak sa efektima

Birds of Paradise – Rajske ptice

- Alphabet - Abeceda
- Balloon Extravaganza
- Birds of Paradise – Rajske ptice
- Dawn til Dusk – Od sumraka do svitanja
- Expressions - Izrazi
- Firework Bonanza – Bogatstvo vatromet
- Flower Power – Moć cveća
- Forces of Nature – Snaga prirode
- Fruit - Voće
- Funky Halloween – Zanimljiva Noć veštica
- Noisy Effect Wheel – Circus : Zvučni točak sa efektima - Cirkus
- Numbers - Brojevi
- Outer Space – U svemiru
- Santa's Journey – Putovanje Deda Mraza
- Shapes - Oblici
- Tropical Reef – Tropski greben
- Under the Sea – Ispod mora
- Walk in the Woods – Šetnja u šumi

Dawn til Dusk – Od sumraka do svitanja

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