Superaktivni snop optičkih vlakana

 The Superactive LED Fibre Optic Bundle develops interaction skills through Cause and Effect, Colour Recognition and more. Change the colour of the Fibre Optics using the 8 switches on the wireless controller with this Superactive LED Fibre Optic Bundle.

The bundle includes an LED Lightsource and Fibre optic Strands (2m x 150 strands) and features a calming mode with slowly changing colours, perfect for creating a relaxing environment.

Our Fibre optic range don't use electricity so are ultra safe and are all handmade in our Yorkshire based manufacturing premises by our team of skilled craftsmen using the latest LED technology, so their lights are bright and their colours vibrant.

The wireless controller is powered y 4 x AA batteries (supplied) and operates from a distance of up to 30m. The LED Lightsource operates on mains voltage transformed to low voltage

Poreklo EU (United Kingdom). Cena:
- Superactive Fibre Optic Bundle – Superaktivni snop optičkih vlakana : 1010,00  GBP + PDV (ako se plaća)
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