Ranac sa mekanim igračkama veći - Sensory Backpack Silver

Ideal for developing cause and effect and tactile skills this cost effective backpack is a fun way of bringing interaction into your home, classroom or sensory area.

1 X Backpack: Smart and practical, this ultra-lightweight rollercase comes complete with several large pockets for storage

1 X Portable LED Fibre Optic Bundle: A great portable piece of equipment, this lightweight fibre optic provides numerous changing colour combinations and is powered by four X AA batteries (provided)

1 X LED UV Lantern: This fantastic lantern works great in a dark environment with UV materials, pens and paints

1 X Ice Star Light: A beautiful fibre optic that emits different coloured light from its base

4 X Prismatic LED Spinners: This hand held spinner beams light that gives a disco ball effect throughout the room

1 X Ooze Tubes: A robust cylinder that contains slow moving goo which makes its way to the base when flipped on its head

1 X Rainbow Stunt Streamer: A colourful streamer that allows the user to create a wonderful visual effect when waved around

1X UV Pinpression: A UV twist on a classic toy, simply put your hands into the tactile UV pins to create a wonderful effect on the corresponding side.

3 X Space Blankets: Silver foil blankets that create a wonderful crunching noise when wrapped around the user

1X LED Torch: A bright LED torch coming in an electric yellow casing

1X Neon Paper: A pack of 12 super bright neon sheets coming in 4 different colours

4X Highlighters: Bright highlighter pens, perfect for writing and drawing

3 X Magic Slates: A tiny slate and stylus which allows users to write and cleanly wipe away

3 X Stretchy Caterpillars: Brightly coloured stretchy toys that create a wonderful effect under a UV light

3 X Spectra Strobe Balls: A small multicoloured ball which flashes furiously when hit

3 X Colour Storm Balls: A large tactile orb which contains hundreds of small multicoloured balls that react to movements that the user makes

(Contents may vary)

Sensory Rooms Sensory Bedrooms
Sectors Care Homes, Hospices, Mainstream Schools, Nursery, Social Care, Special Schools
Senses Visual
Uses Calming, Communication Skills, Concentration, Development of Choice
Abilities Autism (AUT), Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD), Profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), Visual Impairment (VI)



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