Kišni točak - Rainwheel

Kišni točak - RainwheelThe Rainwheel is a chunky tactile wheel filled with tiny beads that create a wonderful rain fall sound when span. Made from a tanalised wood and hard wearing HDPE this product is extremely low maintenance. Create interactive sound sensations with the Rainwheel.

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Vilin konjic - Dragonfly

Vilin konjic - DragonflyThe Dragonfly is a really versatile outdoor piece of equipment. Carved from durable treated wood the Dragonfly can be used either for seating for up to eight children or an imaginative outdoor toy for younger children. Help improve balance and coordination with the Dragonfly..

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Zmijica - Snake

Zmijica - SnakeThe Snake is a great addition to any outdoor space. The long slithering Snake can be traversed along from nose to tail. Develop balance and coordination skills through outdoor play with the Snake.

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