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Grid 3 is a complete communication solution that enables people to have a voice, control their environment and live more independent lives. It’s designed for anyone with complex communication or access needs and includes a wide range of resources that you can control with touch, switch, eye gaze and pointing devices. You’ll find grid sets for talking with symbols or text, and content for all ages and abilities.

Start exploring the software today with our 60 day free trial, available on any Windows PC or tablet.

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Text communication

Text communication in Grid 3 empowers literate users to communicate more quickly and more accurately than ever.






Text communication made easy

There are a range of keyboard designs to choose from and a range of features that use innovative new technology to create a more natural user experience.

Rapid communication

Text communication in Grid 3 has ground-breaking tools to make it faster than ever to get your message across. Our beautifully designed range of keyboards are easy to use with any type of alternative access.

Chat history

One of the most exciting new features is Chat History. This patented technology enables Grid 3 to remember everything you ever say, so you can say it again in an instant. There are over 5,000 messages pre-programmed and ready to speak aloud. These messages are presented based on how often you say something and where you are.

Location relevant phrase suggestions

What you say depends on who you are talking to and where you are. Grid 3 uses your location to suggest phrases, so you can quickly ask for coffee as soon as you enter the coffee shop.

SwiftKey technology inside

Grid 3 now uses SwiftKey prediction to increase speed and accuracy. Don’t worry if you misspell or mistype a word, just keep writing and Grid 3 can still predict what you want to say.

Keyboard designs to suit everyone

We understand that no single solution is suitable for everyone, so we have created a range of keyboards that work with different access types and different levels of literacy.


Symbol communication

Symbol communication in Grid 3 enables you to use symbols to represent words and phrases for choosing what you want to say. A wide range of ready-made grid sets are available as soon as you power up your device, so you can get started straight away!

Designed for everyone

The grid sets in Grid 3 have  varying levels of literacy and access, so you can choose the right sources for the user. The Symbol Talker grid sets provide a pathway of learning that takes you from early AAC right through to literacy. Resources begin with topic based vocabulary where words are organised for easy sentence building and navigation.

Core vocabulary

More advanced grid sets are built on the core vocabulary we use most in everyday conversation. You will also notice that there are more cells included in each grid – introducing a larger vocabulary and more choices.

Smart grammar

Clever tools in all of the grid sets empower you to say what you want more quickly and more accurately than ever before. The smart grammar feature changes verb cells in your grid intelligently as you write. In this example you can see that the verb ‘want’ has changed to ‘wants’ because we selected ‘it’.

Quick editing

Editing your grid sets is also quick and easy. Using the intuitive editing interface you can add new vocabulary, change symbols or create new grids with only a few clicks.


Access options

Grid 3’s access options are comprehensive and intuitive. From pointing devices to touch screens, eye gaze to switches; Grid 3 has innovative new features that make alternative access easier and more effective.


Grid 3 puts you in control

There are many commands in Grid 3 that put you in control; you can enable or disable different access methods, adjust the speed and timing of your access and even recalibrate eye gaze. All of this is possible from within Grid 3 using your alternative access method.

Pointing devices

Any device that acts as a mouse to move the pointer can be used with Grid 3. You can choose how cells are highlighted, with options for magnifying a cell and changing the colour of the border or background.


If you use touch to control your device Grid 3 has settings to make things easier. We have created a built-in Virtual Key Guard that disregards unwanted screen presses. You can also choose whether you want your first touch, or when you lift off the screen, to be the action that makes a selection.

Eye gaze

Grid 3 can be accessed using a choice of eye gaze cameras. Eye gaze settings are all available from within Grid 3, so you can tweak them on the go, like with our convenient Eye Gaze Monitor, which shows you how you are positioned in front of the camera. How you make a selection is also up to you. Now, in addition to the Dwell visual indicator, you have the option of using our innovative new feature, Zoom to Click, when controlling your computer.

Cameras supported by Grid 3:

  • myGaze Assistive 2
  • Alea Cam30
  • Alea Cam30NT
  • EyeTech TM5
  • SeeTech
  • Tobii PC Eye Mini
  • Tobii PC Eye Go
  • Tobii i-Series


Scanning with switches in Grid 3 is a new experience, with features that have not been available until now. Such as the Scan Progress Indicator – an innovative tool that helps you anticipate when the item you want will be highlighted. There are also many other settings in Grid 3 to make scanning more efficient for you. You can group cells into blocks, rows and columns, advance the scan automatically or manually, use additional switches and adjust switch timings.

Multiple switches

Alternatives to scanning, when using more than one switch, include using four switches or a joystick to move up, down, left and right. There is also the option to activate Switch Elimination, where grids are broken up into groups you can then select directly with the corresponding switch.

Voice activation with Hey Grid 3

You can also control Grid 3 and activate cells with your voice using our Hey Grid 3 voice activation feature.

We call voice activation ‘Hey Grid 3’ because that’s the preset wake up phrase – so Grid 3 isn’t always listening and responding to everything you say – but you can change it to whatever you like!

The voice activation tools are particularly useful for individuals who have speech but use assistive technology to control their environment.

Find out more about environment control

Audio feedback

In Grid 3 you also have the option to use audio highlighting, so a description of the cell or a sound will be played before you make a selection. Audio highlighting can use a different audio device to your main speech, allowing you to use a wired headphone or Bluetooth headset for audio highlighting, and a louder speaker for your voice.

Designed for access

Grid 3 has been designed to work effortlessly with every type of alternative access. Considering access throughout development means that all of our features and settings are integrated and simple to adjust as your needs change.


Accessible apps

In Grid 3 there are a wide range of accessible apps to help our users do more. There are grid sets for everything, from making a quick phone call, sending a text or emailing a photo, it is easier than ever to stay in touch with family and friends.

SMS and phone

Making voice calls and sending text messages from Grid 3 is easy, all you need is an Android phone with Bluetooth. If you’re a symbol user you can now also access SMS for the very first time with symbolised text messages.

Capture and share images

Control the front and rear cameras on your device with ease using our new Camera grid set. Then quickly share your pictures via email or start a slideshow.

Music and video

Browsing your media library is a completely new experience in Grid 3, with automatically generated album covers and video thumbnails. Whether you want to sort your photographs, watch music videos or catch up with your favourite shows, it’s easy to browse, select and control your media.

Email with attachments

Attach photographs, catch up on conversations and email groups with only a few selections. Keeping track of your inbox is stress-free with the modern design and range of new features.

Browse the web

Visit your favourite websites and navigate them with ease from our completely new web browser. Featuring URL prediction, improved navigation and favourites tool.

Make And Save Notes

Our handy Notes app enables you to create, access and send notes within seconds. Using SwiftKey prediction you can work and study more efficiently than ever before. From shopping and task lists to references for your latest assignment, the grid set will date and order your notes for you.

Symbolised messages

If you communicate using symbols you can now choose to send and receive symbolised messages in email and social media apps for the first time, opening up a whole world of communication that hasn’t been accessible before.

All of your contacts, all in one place

You can manage your contacts in one place and keep in touch across email, SMS and voice call grid sets.


Accessible social media

Social media is more accessible than ever before with our all-new range of grid sets for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Our accessible apps are designed for use with all types of alternative access.


Our all-new Facebook integration give you complete control of the world’s most popular social network. Effortlessly scroll up and down your newsfeed, post to your wall or talk to your friends with Facebook Messenger, all from within our dedicated app.


Our Twitter app provides a simple interface for speaking to the world in only 140 characters. Publish, favourite, retweet and reply to tweets with only a few selections.


Get instant access to billions of videos with our new YouTube app. It is so simple to search for and watch a video.

Quick navigation

You can zoom in and out in every social media app and highlight or select links with ease, so no feature is out of your reach.


Interactive learning

Interactive Learning is a completely new way for people to learn and explore through animated activities - using Grid 3 and Grid for iPad.


25 animated activities

Choose from 25 exciting animated activities that enable you to learn through exploration and play, from looking after your on-screen pet dog Dilbert to designing your very own car, or racing one on a track!

4 key areas of learning

All activities fall under one of the four key areas of learning within Interactive Learning. So you can begin with teaching cause and effect, before moving onto choice making and then challenges. Interactive visual scenes can be introduced at any point and may be a familiar starting point if you’ve been using our popular Look to Learn software titles.

Cause and effect

The first collection of activities are designed for teaching cause and effect. They include a magic paintbrush that paints animated pictures and the chance to create your own firework display!


The second set of activities allow you to get creative with a selection of choice making activities. You can be a fashion designer and strut your stuff on the catwalk; bake a crazy cake or build yourself a new sports car.


The third set of activities provide an exciting set of challenges and games. Using the skills learned in the other areas you can race a car around a racetrack, play four-in-a-row and go on an action-packed adventure with Robo Snail!

Interactive visual scenes

The final set of activities in Grid 3 are built around interactive visual scenes. Each scene provides motivating and dynamic content that helps teach language and literacy. These resources are the next step for people that are using our popular Look to Learn software and are ready to progress towards functional communication.

Talk about it

The Interactive Learning activities in Grid 3 have been created to help you progress towards alternative communication. Each motivating activity is accompanied by grids that enable you to talk about what you have achieved.

Progression to AAC

As you advance through the Interactive Learning activities the chat grid sets progress with you. The grids have been designed to mirror the layout from our Symbol Talker A grid set; making the move to AAC a more natural progression than ever before.


Computer control

Computer Control in Grid 3 puts you in the driving seat, with all of the tools you need to access your computer using eye gaze, pointing devices or switch. Grid sets enable you to control every application you need for home, school or work.


Zoom to click

Zoom to Click is a new way to click if you use eye gaze or head pointer. Zoom to Click gives you unprecedented accuracy without compromising on speed. Simply choose the type of mouse click required, and then look at the area on screen where you want to make a selection.

Dwell to click

The popular Dwell to click alternative for clicking is also available in Grid 3. You can left-click, right-click, double-click or drag, all without physically pressing a button.

Computer control for switch

There is a separate Computer Control grid set for switch users. Every tool is tailored for scanning so you can work quickly and accurately.

Radar mouse

Using radar mouse you can move the mouse pointer, click, double-click or drag with 360 degree freedom, all with your switch. Simply activate your switch when the dial is pointing where you want it to go, choose the click required and make your selection.

SwiftKey prediction

SwiftKey technology features in all Grid 3 Computer Control keyboards, so you can write more in fewer selections.


Environment Control

Grid 3’s Environment Control enables you to control everything from lamps to your front door, your TV to your Hi-Fi, all by simply using your device.


Easy-to-use navigation

The clean and simple design of every grid in Environment Control makes navigation and making selections easy and intuitive.

TV, music and film

Changing channel, adjusting the volume and accessing TV guides is fast to use and just as quick to setup with our single Selection learning feature for remotes.

Programming your remote

In addition to the single selection learning feature, once your remote has been programmed you won’t need to do it again as all grids will work, including your TV favourites grid.

Remote control functions

In Grid 3 you can choose to single press, for when you want to turn the TV on/off or pull up a menu; queue actions, which is useful when you want to build a channel number; hold down, when you want to adjust the volume or brightness; and repeat an action – handy when channel surfing.

Operate your door and intercom

If you have a remote controlled telephone or door intercom, you can answer calls and open the door from within Grid 3 in only a few selections.

Controlling your home

Grid 3 can control many other adapted home accessories, including lights, heaters, chairs, beds, windows, and curtains or blinds.

Additional radio control

If you have a Grid Pad Pro or Grid Pad Eye you will be able to control radio sockets around your home. These make it possible to operate even more products, such as a heaters and lamps.

Simple Environment Control

There is also a grid set designed especially for people starting out with Environment Control or who want limited options. The friendly interface is the perfect introduction for beginning to control the world around you.

‘Hey Grid 3’ voice activation

Servus Environment Control can be used with every type of alternative access, from switch to eye gaze and pointing devices to voice activation.

The new voice activation feature in Grid 3 enables you to activate a cell using your voice. Simply say the words on the cell you wish to select and Grid 3 will do the rest, whether that’s changing the channel on your TV or turning on the light in the lounge.



Grid 3 comes with a selection of high quality voices out of the box. More voices can be installed to give you an even wider range of accents and ages. These are all included in your 60 day free trial.

Visit the Grid 3 voice store

Choose a voice that suits you from the Grid 3 voice store.

You can preview voices before downloading and every voice has a 60-day trial. Buying a new voice could not be simpler.

For more information on how to use the new store visit the Grid 3 Knowledge Base.


Hear for yourself

Peter  Male adult (Pitch 41%, Speed 60%)

Lucy  Female adult (Pitch 50%, Speed 50%)

Harry  Male child (Pitch 69%, Speed 39%)

Rosie  Female child (Pitch 34%, Speed 56%)

Tailor your voice

Grid 3 lets you tweak any installed voice so you can create a voice individual to you. Change the pitch and speed of your voice to sound how you want and use the pronunciation tools to sound out uncommon words correctly.



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