Folija za uveličavanje - Framed Full Page Magnifier

Folija sa ramom

Our full-page magnifier has always been a particular favorite; hence the introduction of this newly-designed hands-free model. Like the flexible sheet magnifier, this one magnifies printed matter by 2X, and the viewing area measures 7" by 11". But the similarity ends there ...

This deluxe magnifier has legs which drop down to elevate the magnifier over whatever it is you're reading or observing. In this way, your hands are completely freed up, and you'll likely soon forget the magnifier is even there - until you go to turn the page, that is. This model also comes with a cord/lanyard you can use while sitting down. True, this full-sheet magnifier isn't quite as portable as our Classic model; but it sure is more comfortable to use!

 Veličina 26x18 cm
Poreklo Taiwan, Kina, cena:
- Folija za uveličavanje sa ramom: 15 EUR + PDV (ako se placa)
- Folija za uveličavanje bez rama: 6 EUR + PDV (ako se placa)
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