UltraCane - Elektronski ultrazvučni beli štap


The award winning PATENT PROTECTED UltraCane is the most advanced primary mobility aid used by people who are blind or visually impaired.

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- UltraCane - Elektronski ultrazvučni beli štap: 850 GBP + PDV (ako se placa)
u Srbiji u dinarima.

The UltraCane gives you more information about your environment and enables you to make decisions much more quickly, allowing you to move around more safely, confidently and effectively; putting you in full control.

Do you currently use a traditional long white cane?  Do you find that no matter how efficient you may be using a long cane, you still come into contact with obstacles and hazards in particular at chest and head height?  Or perhaps your long cane becomes caught up in chairs, tables, signage and other 'street furniture' ?  By using the UltraCane, obstacles can be detected early so that you can navigate around them safely, including avoiding head and chest height obstacles.

The UltraCane detects obstacles because it is equipped with a dual-range, narrowbeam ultrasound system that provides a 100% hazard protection envelope in front of and, uniquely, forward of the head and chest of the user. Two ultrasound transducers provide range data on the closest potential hazards, such as street furniture, plants, people, road signs, and over-hanging branches. This makes the UltraCane equally usable on the street as in interior spaces.

The feedback about obstacles is delivered through two small vibrating buttons mounted in the handle of the UltraCane.

The PATENT PROTECTED UltraCane is a primary electronic mobility aid for use by people who are blind or visually impaired; it is a major "step forward" in assistive technology that allows safe obstacle avoidance and permits navigation around obstacles both in the user's forward path and just as importantly, giving valuable protection at head/chest height.  

Incorporating state-of-the-art "narrow beam technology", the UltraCane detects street furniture and other obstacles within 2 or 4 metres (depending on which setting is used) and it does this by emitting ultrasonic waves from two sensors. It also detects up to 1.5 metres ahead at chest/head height, giving tactile feedback to the user through two vibrating buttons on the handle over which the user places their thumb.

The two buttons, when vibrating, indicate the direction of the obstacle; the frequency of the vibration lets the user know the proximity of the obstacle.  

This type of feedback stimulates a spatial "mind map" in the brain, enabling the user to obtain information about the layout of their immediate environment and surroundings and guides them safely through and around obstacles.  


The UltraCane enables the user to make decisions much more quickly, thus allowing them to move around more safely, confidently and effectively.