Basic-D V5 a light-weight embosser

World leading tractor-fed Braille embosser

Basic-D is one of few portable Braille embossers. Its light weight design and competitive price makes it truly unique.

For years; Basic-D has been the most sold braille embosser in the world. It uses fan-folded paper to produce single or double-sided braille.

  •     Compact size
  •     100 characters per second
  •     Print from portable devices
  •     Braille and text labeled control panel
  •     Tractor-fed : most reliable paper feeding method​
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- Brallie Embosser Basic-D: 3450 EUR + PDV (ako se placa) ... Azurirano: 2020-07-23
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attractive user features

Over 25 years of experience

The Index Braille Basic model has been a favorite among Braille users since the 1980's. Basic has had a journey offering different functionalities, but always maintaining its modern attire for its times. In today's V5 series you can find modern features such as; Wi-fi connection, Emboss from USB memory, and for the first time ever Print Braille from mobile devices

Embossing Braille is effortless with this tractor-fed Braille embosser. The fan-folded paper is found to be the most reliable, and therefore, the most commonly used paper style for Braille embossers. 

As always, the V5 embosser series is:

Throughout the past 25+ years on its journey, Basic-D has earned its position as the single most sold Braille embosser worldwide. Over 10,000 Basic-D embossers have been sold and we are not stopping there as we truly believe that our Braille embossers will give you the most out of your investment. 

The history of the Basic-D Braille embosser

In 1988 Basic Blue Bar was developed as a part of our first generation of modern braille embossers. The small, light and efficient Basic was received well by customers from its initial introduction in which propelled for further development.

In 1995 Basic V2 was introduced. Its appearance was much like the Basic model is today; a well-known and much appreciated user-friendly design. The Basic V2 comprised of the Basic-D (double-sided embossing) and Basic-S (single-sided embossing) embosser models. 

Basic-D V3 was released in 2002. During the life of the V3 series the Basic-S model was removed as double-sided Braille became the norm. 

In 2011 the Basic-D V4 came out. The V4 platform is one of Index Braille's largest developmental processes in order to follow user demand. Both the hardware and software underwent a transformation that shook the Braille embosser market.

*For the opportunity to view our company storyline, please visit our Facebook timeline. We will even bring you back to the days of black and white.

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An even better Basic-D

Basic-D V5 has been updated to accommodate to the latest braille techniques and compatibility with mainstream technology in order to remain at the forefront. New features to look forward to in Basic-D V5 are: 
  • Increased printing speed 
  • Wi-Fi (including braille printing from mobile devices)
  • LED lighting for paper in area
  • V5 main electronic pcb has a cleaner design
  • Connection to USB memory stick for saving or printing documents, braille settings, layout setting, backing up files
  • V5 control panel with integrated speaker, cords to sensor, LED embossing head lights and back lighted information messages and connected to the main pcb with one flat cable
  • Acapela synthetic speech feedback
  • Firmware 2.0 and higher
    • Wizard for braille settings
      • Including paper size, duplexing, character per line, lines per page etc
      • Standard wizard for simple braille setting
      • Customer wizard for featured braille setting
      • Dynamic HELP information 
    • Simplified layout setup
      • Flexible number of layouts 1-9
      • Distributor default layouts (country+distributor name)
      • Backup your Braille settings to PC, USB or SD card
      • Restore your Braille setting from PC, USB or SD card
      • select/edit/add and delete layout from control panel
    • Service menu is added
      • Adjustment of braille block position
      • Adjustment of folding line for booklet printing
      • Adjustment of paper out offset on Basic-D
      • Calibration of paper movement step length
      • Reset; to previous layout, to distributor default or to factory default
    • Faster start up sequence
    • SD-card recovery

Region defined layouts

In V5 embossers the ambition is for each distributor for their region to create and setup the standard Braille layout settings, called distributor default. The setup name will be in the format: country and Master Distributor company name.

Distributor default settings includes:
  • speech feedback language
  • paper size
  • print type (duplexing)
  • braille translation table (for idB) 
  • page layout
    • [In standard wizard; paper size, print type, lines per page, top margin, characters per line, binding margin etc.]
Any setup may easily be saved and/or restored for example to the embedded SD card or an external USB memory stick. 

Customers may easily choose between distributor default settings, factory default settings or user defined. 

Select 1-9 layout options

The layout values define the same setting options as noted above in the distributor default settings and these may be adjusted directly in the V5 embosser in the Standard or Advanced Wizard. 

The number of Layouts (1-5 in V4) may be set to any value between 1-9 layout options to best fit you, the consumers needs. 
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Horizontal & Vertical Braille printing

As in any printer the standard print format is to print horizontally on the page to create a portrait style format. However, because of a concept we call Floating Dot Page (or Area) a number of print types and Braille output features have been more easily achievable because we are able to place Braille dots anywhere on the page and still maintain double-sided Braille. This method is a flexibility that no other braille embossers offer currently. 

Floating page

A floating dot area is a user defined area on a page that is composed of a set of braille dots. The floating dot area can either define an entire page or it can define a part of a page which can be interspersed among ordinary braille text. 

When embossing traditional double-sided braille the Floating Dot page automatically creates the Braille dots between one another on both sides of the page so that no two dots merge.  


The Basic-D V5 supports Z-folding mode. Z-folding means that the Basic-D V5 prints the pages in such a way that when the printed document is finished, the user can take the paper bundle, separate the perforation between continuous pages and directly bind it without needing to reorganize the pages. 

As Basic-D uses continuous fan-folded paper Z-folding is convenient in allowing different binding options tailored to users needs. Standard Z-folding prints horizontally and binding is implemented as normal once the paper edges are removed and the perforation is separated. 

Basic-D V5 users can additionally choose to emboss vertically using the z-folding sideways format; a unique feature for the Basic-D model when embossing Braille books or other lengthier documents. When using Z-folding sideways the Braille is embossed vertically on the page, supplying an alternative binding option and the need to separate only half of the amount of perforations compared to standard Z-folding. 
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Tactile Graphics

When embossing graphics with an Index V5 embosser the Floating Dot Page concept with mixed text is supported. This means that you may create and emboss tactile graphics and text on the same page. The text is often useful to use as a description of the graphic(s) included. 

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Braille Labels 

Today there are many different types of paper available which can create an extra challenge for creating Braille labels and thus parameters. However, when using the powerful technique of the Esc-D format you can temporarily define paper definitions to the paper and label sizes being used.

Braille labels can be embossed double-sided. 


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Light to sharpen the design

The following LED lights are implemented on Index V5 embossers to introduce and even more clear user interface as well as sharpen the braille embossers design element:
  • Back lighted product name
  • Back lighted keys
  • Back lighted icons for network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and idB
  • Back lighted info texts
  • LED light in the Basic-D embosser located in the paper-in area. 

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Technical specifications


Embossing speed cps

120 cps



Vertical printing (booklet)

Adjustable line spacing

Braille font

2.2, 2.5, 3.2 mm

Tactile resolution

100 dpi

Forming method

13 solenoids (hammers) against steel anvils

Additional info

  • interpoint [standard braille] and interline [w/ 2.2 mm font] available



USB memory stick

Wi-Fi network

Wired network


Supports mobile devices

Printer driver for Windows

Printer driver for Mac

Printer driver for Linux

Web interface

Free firmware upgrade

Supports idB



100-240 V AC

Power max

140 W

Power stand by

5 W

Eco power down

0.05 W

Switched power supply





2 years

cps/1000 USD


Produced by

Produced by:
Index Braille
Hantverksvägen 20
954 33 Gammelstad



13 cm (5.12 in)


52 cm (20.47 in)


26 cm (10.24 in)

Net volume

17.58 dm3 (0.62 ft3)

Net weight

7.6 kg (16.72 lbs)

Noise level

80 dB(A)

Noise level with acoustic protection

63 dB(A)



Cut sheet fed


Paper roll


Sheet feeder size


Paper weight

120-180 g/m2 (80-110 lbs)

Paper width

100-325 mm (3.9"-12,8")

Paper length

25-431mm (1"-17")

Adjustable paper size

Fixed paper size


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