HeftalicaThe Index Braille Stapler is a heavy-duty stapler which can accommodate with the demands of thicker documents such as braille books.

It includes: 

  • Support for 100x 8-23 mm long super staples.
  • Maximum paper insertion depth 250 mm.
  • Parallel stapling (for stapling in the fold of paper stacks)
  • Movable anvil to change between parallel & bypass stapling quickly
  • The adjustable staple guide allows you to position the staple on your document with precision. 
  • The spring-mounted magazine permits comfortable, trouble-free stapling without staples jamming. 
  • Optimized for braille book production with the Everest-D and BrailleBox (in booklet format).
Uvoz iz Švedske,
- Stapler for Braille books: 650 EUR + PDV (ako se placa)
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Tema/slično: asistivne tehnologije / pomagala za slepe i slabovide osobe, štampač za slepe i slabovide osobe na Brajevom pismu, Brajev štampač - emboser za slepe osobe.