Silikonska zaštita za tablet - Pure Sense Buddy Antimicrobial Rugged Kids case

 The Buddy case by Pure Sense Cases is the world's first ever antimicrobial case for kids. It's a special case that contains an antimicrobial agent that controls organisms responsible for smell, odours and staining. It does all of that while providing the ultimate, heavy duty, tough drop protection   Pure Sense Cases      

The Buddy case is treated with patented SteriTouch® antimicrobial surface protection technology. Invented and patented in UK, it uses natural sterilizing properties of silver to control & restrict bacterial odor growth and resist deterioration by mold fungus. The active substance has passed the most rigorous toxicity tests. It is approved by EFSA & FDA.

Beyond offering all-around protection from both apparent and microscopic threats, its soft foamy exterior makes it ultra child-friendly and . A helpful shoulder strap makes it very easy to carry around, and the multi-purpose handle turns into a stand at two different angles.

Silikonska zaštita za tablet

Poreklo USA/Kina, Cena:
- Silikonska zaštita za tablet - Pure Sense Buddy Antimicrobial Rugged Kids case: 33 USD + PDV (ako se placa)
u Srbiji u dinarima.

Patented Rugged Tablet Case

  • Easy to install, 2-color single piece body shell
  • Reinforced protection on all corners & sides guards tablet from damage when dropped
  • Extra iPad screen defense with raised bezel around screen edge
  • Form-fitting shell leaves open access to volume & hold buttons, charging port, headphone port, speakers and front / rear camera
  • Easy to wash and clean (water resistant) material made from child friendly, non-toxic EVA foam (similar to silicon & rubber, but stronger)
  • Great for children of all ages (including toddlers and teens)
  • Suitable for active adults (gym, yoga, training) & professionals working in medical fields
  • Recommended for elderly, people with disabilities & autism
  • Ideal for hospitals and medical facilities, schools, kindergardens, nurseries, gyms, yoga schools, etc

Comfy 2-in-1 Handle & Stand with Detachable Shoulder Strap

  • Large bulky handle makes it easy to hold with one hand for easy carry and travel
  • Works particularly well with small / children's hands 
  • Handle doubles as dual angle stand for watching movies & cartoons
  • Handle also great for tilting display for comfortable drawing and typing angle
  • Includes adjustable and expandable shoulder strap that converts Buddy into carrying case
  • Carry your tablet like a messenger bag, neck bag, shoulder bag, sling, harness or cross body holster
  • Bonus feature: tie shoulder strap around car headrest for backseat entertainment!

World's First Ever Antimicrobial iPad Kids Case

  • Antimicrobial technology invented and patented by UK based Steritouch®
  • Uses natural sterilizing properties of silver
  • Controls bacterial odor growth and resists deterioration by mold fungus
  • Guaranteed long lasting antimicrobial performance (10+ years)
  • Uses only non-toxic, kid safe substances
  • Doesn't contain nano-silver, triclosan or other additives which have health / environmental concerns
  • Antimicrobial performance confirmed by testing to JIS / ISO standards
  • Active substance is EFSA & FDA approved

Package Box Contents

  • 1x Buddy iPad/Galaxy Tab case
  • 1x iPad Screen protector
  • 1x iPad Shoulder strap
  • 1x Alcohol Free Natural Screen cleaning spray with microfiber cloth

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