Projektor oblika - iRiS Shape Sensory Projector

 The iRiS Shape Projector produces eight colours and shapes designed specifically for the sensory market. Create stunning visual light effects through interactive projection with the iRiS Shape Projector

The unit projects light in the shape of triangles, squares, circles and rectangles. The projector is great for developing colour recognition and for developing cause and effects skills through the interaction with any iRiS Talker.


Operates on mains voltage transformed to low voltage.

Please ensure you have an IRiS Talker to control this product.

Poreklo EU (United Kingdom). Cena:
- Projektor oblika - iRiS Shape Sensory Projector : 725,00 GBP + PDV (ako se plaća)+proveriti
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 Projektor oblika - iRiS Shape Sensory Projector