Emiter vazdušnih talasa - iRiS Soft Jet Stream

The Soft iRiS Jet Stream is the Soft Play version of the iRiS Jet Stream and creates a sensation of wind. From a gentle summer breeze to a howling gale the powerful fan can be controlled using any iRiS Talker. Replicate all wind conditions in your Sensory Room with the iRiS Soft Jet Steam

Ideal for theming the iRiS Jet Stream creates an interesting and unique way of developing cause and effect skills. If using the IRiS Switchbox with this product each of the coloured switches when pressed will provide different wind strengths

The IRiS Soft Jet Stream is a floor-based fan allowing users to safely get closer to the breeze generated and aids the development of cause and effect skills. The housing of the unit is made from strong plywood and covered in soft durable and easy to clean vinyl. Please state colour when ordering

The fan is protected by tough steel mesh making it safe to use. It can be used with any IRiS Talker to change the speed of the fan to enhance the experience. Suitable for any sensory or soft play room, the unit measures 520mm W * 800mm D * 520mm H. Operates on mains voltage.

An IRiS Talker is required to use with this product

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- Emiter vazdušnih talasa - iRiS Soft Jet Stream: 2100 GBP + PDV (ako se placa)
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