Komplet senzornih lopti - Ball Kit Sensory Box

The Ball Kit is packed with numerous different coloured ball. Each ball has a different tactile surface and firmness and aids in developing colour recognition skills as well as gross and fine motor skills. Experience different sensations through the various products with the Ball Kit Sensory Box

This box is part of a range of Sensory Resource Boxes which have been specifically put together to make your sensory experience even better. Each box is designed for a specific purpose and featured a coloured heavy duty box to keep the contents safe and easy to identify. This range of boxes takes the hassle out of finding your own sensory products which work well together.

This set comprises

1 x Peek-A-Boo Ball

1 x Twist N Roll

1 x Swish Classic

1 x Bababall

1 x ABC + 123 Dress Up Ball

2 x Flashing Meteor Ball

4 x Scented Fruit Ball

2 x Glitter Ball - 18cm

1 x Metallic Juggling Balls - Pack of 3

4 x The Happy Yellow Ball

1 x Furb - 2 x Glide Ball

2 x Spectra Strobe Ball

2 x Electromites

1 x Colour Storm Ball

1 x Tail Ball

1 x Touch Ring - Elastic Rainbow Ball

1 x Touch Ring - Elastic Ball

2 x Large Senso-Dot Ball

2 x Sensory Ball - 16.5cm

2 x Large See Me Ball

1 x Small Senso-Dot Ball - Pack of 4

1 x Sensory Ball (10cm) - Pack of 4

1 x Glow In The Dark Ball

1 x Heavy Duty Box - 82 litres

Sensory Rooms Dark Rooms, M.I.L.E, Multi Sensory Rooms, Sensory Gardens
Sectors Local Authorities, Mainstream Schools, Nursery, Special Schools
Senses Tactile, Visual
Uses Communication Skills, Development of Choice, Gross Motor, Hand to Eye Coordination, Physical Skills, Turn Taking
Abilities Autism (AUT), Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD), Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD), Profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), Visual Impairment (VI)


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 Komplet senzornih lopti - Ball Kit Sensory Box