Interaktivna taktilna kugla

Wow - simply wow! This brand new Interactive Tactile Disc is a first. Simply press one of four coloured buttons to change the colour of the lights on the unit.

60 intensely bright fibre optics are littered across the Tactile Disc whilst a fibre optic carpet follows the meandering artistic shape and its numerous textures!

These and the centrepiece of the unit, a curve shaped infinity tunnel change colour whenever one of the four buttons are pressed.

Made from Russian birch, its stong, durable and appealing to people of all ages and abilities. It comprises a number of textures which are soft, hard, smooth, rough, cool, warm and various material including metal, plastic, wood, carpet, mirror and more.

The Tactile Disc - Interactive is engaging and stimulating is a great way to have fun or assess a persons likes and dislikes.

This unit is wall mounted and requires connecting to a mains power outlet.

Dimensions: 1.2m diameter.
Poreklo EU (United Kingdom). Cena:
- Tactile Disc – Interactive – Interaktivna taktilna kugla : 1.575,00  GBP + PDV (ako se plaća)
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 Tactile Disc – Interactive – Interaktivna taktilna kugla