Aromatična senzorna kutija

The Aroma Sensory Box is a great selection of products that allows users to use their sense of smell. Develop interaction and life skills with the Aroma Sensory Box.

This box is part of a range of Sensory Resource Boxes which have been specifically put together to make your sensory experience even better. Each box is designed for a specific purpose and featured a coloured heavy duty box to keep the contents safe and easy to identify. This range of boxes takes the hassle out of finding your own sensory products which work well together.

This set comprises

1 x Jelly Bean - Blue

1 x Jelly Bean - Red

1 x Sleep

1 x Travel

1 x Calm

1 x Unwind

1 x Think

1 x Breathe

1 x Headeez

1 x Bliss Diffuser - Aqua

1 x Aroma Starter Kit

1 x Pure Calm

1 x Classics For Relaxation

1 x Heavy Duty Box

Please note that contents may vary


Poreklo EU (United Kingdom). Cena:
- Aromatična senzorna kutija - Aroma Sensory Box: 330 GBP + PDV (ako se placa)
u Srbiji ista u dinarima