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Tobii Sono ScribeFor communication to be effective, AAC devices need to be quick, effortless and natural to the user. Many users prefer to type, as they have the freedom to express themselves in their own way, without having to learn new encoding systems. Sono Scribe enhances typing speeds through the use of word and next word prediction as well as smart phrasing.

Who is Helped by Tobii Sono Scribe?

Sono Scribe can be used by all literate AAC users, for example users with ALS, cerebral palsy and stroke.

The power to communicate

Sono Scribe allows you to write text in regular document form, access e-mail, instant messaging or the Internet, and, via on-screen keyboards, access common computer software applications.

Thanks to a powerful built-in prediction tool Sono Scribe quickly categorizes and sorts word and phrase frequencies for future use. Add to this a library of more than 1,300 of the most used words and phrases in the English language and your communication becomes even faster.

Say it your way

And because the way you communicate should be unique to you, with Sono Scribe it is easy to personalize the prediction tool to work with your writing and talking style.

We recognize that your life is full and you want communication skills broad enough and fast enough to match it. With Tobii Sono Scribe you can communicate your way.

Tobii Sono ScribeFeatures

Technologies that speed up communication

With access to 1,300 of the most frequently used words in spoken English, 18,000 topical/grammatical word predictions and standard dictionaries of 5,00 to 50,000 words you writing speed can be dramatically increased.

Alphabetized and color-coded vocabularies and phrase prediction based on common usage phrases are two other technoliges that speed up your writing speeds.

Customizable to work the way you want it

Even though Sono Scribe has been design to meet the needs of many users you prbably still want to personalize it to work the way you want it. This can be done.

  • Next word prediction based on your writing style
  • Ability to add family, friends, favorite places, personal phrases and more
  • Works with all access methods including eye gaze
  • Multiple on-screen keyboard options allows you to find a keyboard that matches your style

Communication in all its forms

"Communication" means much more than just face-to-face communication. Tobii Sono Scribe maximizes the functionality of Tobii Communicator Premium and provides:

  • Keyboard and mouse emulation access to all computer software and functions like, instant messaging, the Internet and e-mail.
  • Ability to compose e-mail using the communication pages or a keyboard and to have e-mail messages read back.
  • On-screen keyboards for access to common computer software applications.


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