Tobii Gaze Evaluator

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Tobii Gaze EvaluatorThe Tobii Gaze Evaluator is an easy to use software application that evaluates and visualizes the eye gaze performance of an individual using a Tobii eye control unit.

By visualizing the details of your eye tracking movement, you can better assess eye control skills, make assumptions for the use of the eye controlled system, as well as optimize settings for the best calibration results and eye control usage.

Get more out of your eye control device

Tobii Gaze Evaluator can help users determine the best way to use their eye control device. It provides optimal calibration, including colors to be used, types of stimuli, as well as target size and speed. It can also help to identify screen regions where eye tracking is poor, through the use of custom recording points and the setting of a custom stimuli area.

Evaluate, train and perfect your eye gaze skills

Train both corner-to-corner gaze or linear gaze with Tobii Gaze Evaluator and perfect your eye gaze skills. Evaluating your results can help you learn what to train outside of Tobii Gaze Evaluator in order to speed up the eye control learning curve. Tobii Gaze Evaluator can also strengthen confidence by helping users determine the best eye tracking parameters for their specific device and area of use.

Confirm reaction

Depending on the user’s disability, individuals may not always be able to express themselves before eye control has been presented to them as an input method. The Gaze Evaluator can therefore initially be used to confirm that a user is actually reacting to screen-stimuli by showing attention patterns and thereby qualifying the user for provisioning of an eye control device.

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Tobii Gaze Evaluator


Tobii Gaze Evaluator