Tobii Communicator

Tobii Communicator

Tobii Communicator is an alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) software platform designed with you in mind. Communicator converts text and symbols into clear speech, gives you computer access and even allows you to control devices and appliances in your surroundings (ECU). Communicate the way you want, when you want, giving you new levels of control and independence.

Who is Helped by Tobii Communicator?

Tobii Communicator is designed for use by all individuals with communication disabilities, at various levels. It is also ideal for those creating page sets and communication boards, such as speech and language therapists (SLP), special education teachers, family members and care givers.

Communicator works seamlessly, but is not limited to, Tobii speech generation devices such as the Tobii PCEye and the Tobii I-Series.

Effective communication

In today’s world, the ability to go beyond face-to-face communication is increasingly important. Access to e-mail and messaging enhances the independence and quality of life of many AAC users. Being able to engage in private and personal conversations without the assistance of a helper is of huge importance to many people — all of which is possible with Communicator 4.

Tobii Communicator allows for high levels of personalization and for multiple user profiles and getting started couldn’t be easier:  you can be up and running in minutes, ready to chat, joke, give opinions, send texts or surf the Internet. And with powerful time saving tools such as word and phrase prediction, communication is quicker than ever.

Extended functionality

Tobii communicator is suitable for all levels of cognitive and physical ability, featuring symbols and pictures for users who cannot write or the choice of keyboard layouts for text, telephone and computer access for users who can.

Using the different Tobii Sono Suite software products, the functionality of Tobii Communicator can be extended even further.

Tobii Communicator supports a full range of input methods, too, from keyboard and mouse input, to scan, switch, head mouse and eye control. And whichever method you use, with Tobii Communicator you can use infrared light transceivers to control your environment, giving you even greater independence.

Tobii Communicator

Communicator has been designed for two target groups - the person using it to communicate and the ones using it to design page sets and communication boards, for example the speech and language therapist (SLP) or care giver. The two groups have different needs, but we believe that a modern design, flexibility and efficiency appeal to them both.

Modern design environment

Communicator is built upon the windows operating system, so users and SLPs familiar with that will be able to navigate through menues, tabs etc. without having to learn a new system.

Communicator is packed with features that makes the design work more efficent, two of them are:

An "Undo" function allows you to experiment

Tobii Communicator comes with an undo function so you don't have to be afraid of experimenting or making mistakes. Simply undo you last actions and try again. 

Free form button shapes

When you create visual scenes you often want to make buttons with custom shapes. With Communicator that is easy, simply use the polygon tool to draw the desired shape around the symbol or image that you want to turn into a button.

Convenient communication through text

Communicator 4 comes with a high-quality speech synthesis engine that reads the texts that you produce. A clear and understandable voice, specific to your language, speaks your text when you click on the message window or speech button.

SymbolStix symbols and ready made page set get you started quickly

For those unable to read or write, Communicator 4 lets you use communication symbols or other pictures to support your interactions. A set of ready-made symbol pages is included and is a great way to start using the software.

Over 15,000 communication SymbolStix symbols are included that enable people of all ages to communicate clearly and understandably.

Speed and accuracy

Speed and accuracy are two important benefits of the standardized on-screen keyboard. Literate users will benefit from frequency-based word prediction, built-in grammar functions, word conjugation and access to the Windows desktop and applications. A wide range of alternative keyboard configurations is also available and each one is easy to personalize.

Built in and custom dictionaries

Built-in dictionaries help you to spell correctly and you can even build your own dictionaries with special words for research curricula, education topics or specific situations. Selecting a specific dictionary will limit your hits and speed up the entry of long and complex words. You can also apply the same strategy to phrases and phrase categories.

Select the keyboard layout that best suits you

Another unique feature of Communicator 4 is its ability to generate an entire keyboard using smart buttons. This way you can change keyboard language or shift between QWERTY, ABC or scan-optimized layouts in just one click.

Shouldn't those be optimal for you you can always make your own, custom keyboard.

Control your environment

With Communicator 4 Premium you can use infrared light (IR) transceivers to control your environment and enhance your independence.

An IR-transceiver is an accessory that can be included in your hardware or connected via USB. Communicator 4 Premium allows you to define remote controls for such things as your TV, DVD player, toys, or for adjusting bed position, opening doors, turning lights on or off and lots more when using GEWA controllers.

Communicator 4 is compatible with GEWA, TIRA-2 and USBUIRT.

Tobii Communicator

Access to Windows

If you have access to Windows you are free to explore any installed application with the powerful on-screen keyboard. Any text you write can be sent to open applications and you can also send a range of different keystroke combinations to utilize keyboard shortcuts for quick and easy navigation.

Mouse emulation for switch users

You are not limited to using a keyboard only, if you are a switch user you can use mouse emulation that enables you scan the windows envirnment to hit any clickable element.

Education Assistance - more than words

When in language training mode, you can play picture and word matching games to learn while having fun. Communicator also includes options for automatic verb conjugation.

The built-in sound features enable you to record sound effects, syllable sounds, words or instructions that you want to use in your own exercises or for getting someone’s attention.

There is even a built in calculator for your math exercises and, if you want, you can even design your own.

Keep in touch with friends

In Communicator 4 Premium you can communicate using modern

technology by simply using or modifying ready-made pages and functions for online chat, Skype, e-mail and telephone text messages (SMS). You can even make a phone call using the synthetic voice*.

Maintain your social network using Communicator’s Facebook functionality. Manage your contacts and use photos to recognize the people in your address book for quicker reference.

Supports all input methods

Regardless of your preferred input methods everyone can use Communicator 4. The software supports direct input via touch screen, mouse click, mouse dwell, joystick, or head mouse and has many settings to adjust for your personal preference. Setup is just a click away when you use any of Tobii's eye control solutions, Tobii PCEye or Tobii C12 with CEye.

Freedom for switch users

Switch-scan solutions can be set up in a variety of ways using one or two switches. Revolutionary mouse emulation features enable scanning users to control the standard Windows environment, moving b

eyond communication pages to a new level of functionality.

Auditory prompts

Those requiring feedback before making a selection can use sophisticated auditory prompts. This is particularly helpful for people with visual difficulties.

Change methods as you like

If your personal needs change daily, it is easy to switch between input methods, for example, using direct input in the morning and eye-control in the afternoon.

Standard or Premium edition

Tobii Communicator 4 comes in two editions: Standard and Premium. If you use a regular computer or a dedicated AAC device and only need computer access and/or speech synthesis features, then the Standard edition is the right choice for you.

However, if you need features like e-mail, text messaging (SMS), online chat, calendars and environmental control, you need the Premium edition. For more help in deciding which version is right for you, ask your local Tobii contact for a demonstration.

*You will need a SIM card from a GSM phone service provider and maybe some accessories depending on your hardware configuration. Please contact your local dealer for more information.


More Information

Poreklo EU(Sweden), Cena:
Tobii Communicator 4 Standard 950,00  EUR + pdv(ako se plaća)
Tobii Communicator 4 Light 390,00  EUR + pdv(ako se plaća)
Tobii Communicator 4 Premium 1.150,00  EUR + pdv(ako se plaća)
u Srbiji u dinarima.


Tobii Communicator 4 Standard sadrži:

Tobii Communicator software. Powerful Communication software for either text- or symbol-based communication through an electronical communication aid. Use and customize preprogrammed communication pagesets or build your own user interface for face-to-face communication and computer access. Includes male and female High Quality Acapela synthetic voices and the extensive collection of Symbolstix™ symbols.

Tobii Communicator 4 Light sadrži:

Tobii Communicator software packaged as powerful computer access tool.
Use preproduced onscreen keyboards or create own access tools to all computer functions. Synthetic voice or Symbolstix Symbols are not part of this package.

Tobii Communicator 4 Premium sadrži:

Tobii Communicator software. Powerful Communication software for either text- or symbol-based communication through an electronical communication aid. Use and customize preprogrammed communication pagesets or build your own user interface for face-to-face communication, lonmg-distance-communication and computer access. Functions included: IR Environmental Control, E-Mail, SMS, Phone functions, Chat, Calendar, Picture Viewer, and may more. Includes male and female High Quality Acapela synthetic voices and the extensive collection of Symbolstix™ symbols.


Podrška i preuzimanje za Tobii Communicator


New in Tobii Communicator 4.7

With the release of Tobii Communicator 4.7 you have access to some new and improved functions.

Skype Chat in Tobii Communicator

Skype chat is replacing ICQ. Skype is by far the most common instant messenger these days, while older networks lose their active members. Although the Skype infrastructure does not yet allow for phone calls with synthetic voice, we can already route the sound of the Tobii C-Series microphone into Skype calls. More telephony functions are soon to come.


Tobii Communicator can automatically start with Windows, meaning that you will no longer have problems with broken links in the autostart folder after updating Tobii Communicator!

Edit Contacts

Now you can edit your list of e-mail and mobile phone contacts. There is a new page set with this functionality under the Misc tab in View Ready-Mades, and an integrated page set for this in Sono Key 1.3.0.

Reduce Picture Size

Large images in Communication pagesets get automatically reduced in size, to avoid slowing down the communication aid. No more hassling around with external imaging software!

Content Tool reloaded

Feedback regarding some behavior of the content tool in Tobii Communicator made us remove the it from Tobii Communicator 4.6. We've done our homework, so now we bring it back with an improved workflow.

Network License Model

There is a growing interest in network licenses for Tobii Communicator. The model of floating network licenses has been enhanced, so that network licenses cover all Tobii Sono Suite content as well.