Softveri za komunikaciju

LIFEtool: AboutNumbers

AboutNumbersAboutNumbers is a math game dealing with counting, quantities, numbers and numeracy in the number domain up to 10. An important feature throughout the entire program is the structured representation of quantities (2 lines and 5 columns) to facilitate non-counting strategies of recognizing quantities, the understanding of the relation among numbers and the notion of numbers in general.



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LIFEtool: KonZen 2.0

KonZen 2.0KonZen 2.0 is the follow-up of the successful visual training program Kon-Zen. With the three different playing modes available – “Quick Fit”, “Matching Pairs” and “Flash Figures” – the skills in optical differentiation, position in space, short-term memory, attention and concentration will be trained and eventually improved.



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LIFEtool: SwitchTrainer

SwitchTrainerSwitchTrainer is a program for learning how to handle 2 switches in computer operation. It was mainly designed for physically impaired children with or without a learning disability. 




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SHOWME AAC - Učenje i uvežbavanje izraza

SHOWME AAC - Učenje i uvežbavanje izraza ShowMe AAC 2.0 is a program that is used to learn and practice terms. Apart from a great number of terms of everyday life (about 350) which are grouped according to special topics, the program also offers material for the subjects Colours, Shapes, Size, Letters, Numbers, Sets and The Clock. The terms are supplied with drawings, photos and PCS. The great variety of setting options available allows for a perfect adaptation to the needs of the users.


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Boardmaker, program za uspostavljanje komunikacije pomoću štampanih simbola

BoardmakerBoardmaker Plusprogram za uspostavljanje komunikacije pomoću štampanih simbola, kao i slika kod učenika sa nerazvijenim govorom

Boardmaker® omogućava izradu vrednih štampanih materijala kao što su table za komunikaciju , sekvence, rasporedi i još mnogo toga, a sve to sa sličicama u vidu simbola za komunikaciju.
Boardmaker® Plus vam omogućava lako pretvaranje aktivnosti sa papira u zabavne, obrazovne i interaktivne lekcije koje karakterišu animacije, zvuk, video i još mnogo toga.

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Tobii Gaze Viewer

Tobii Gaze Viewer

With Tobii Gaze Viewer you can record eye tracking data from any application:
- Assess an individual’s physical capabilities and cognitive understanding
- Visualize gaze data with heatmaps and gazeplots
- Export single images or videos
- Easy to use

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Tobii Communicator

Tobii Communicator Versatile software for communication on all levels - easy symbol expression up to full computer control.
- Complete solution for all aspects of communication
- Includes close 15,000 SymbolStix symbols
- Literally everything is customizable

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Tobii Sono Flex

Tobii Sono FlexVocabulary app that turns symbols into clear speech.
- Provides a solid structure to build a large vocabulary without cluttering up the interface or requiring long and winding navigation paths.
- Customize the vocabulary to the current and future needs of the user.
- Develop within Flex, into other Sono Suite products, or even switch hardware platforms.

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Tobii Gaze Evaluator

Tobii Gaze EvaluatorNije više dostupan.
The Tobii Gaze Evaluator can enhance your eye tracking performance:
- Finding appropriate settings to enable a good calibration
- Identifying screen regions where eye tracking is poor
- Showing attention patterns of the evaluated user

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Tobii SymbolMate

Tobii SymbolMate SymbolMate is ideal for creating paper-based communication pages and educational material with symbols, text or photos.
- Create, edit, manage and print page sets
- Works in perfect unison with Tobii S32, but also with other brands
- Flexible with support for different symbols libraries, file formats etc.

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Tobii Sono Primo

Tobii Sono PrimoSono Primo allows young users to set off on the path to success from the very beginning of an AAC intervention through:
- Core vocabulary and situational words as single symbols.
- Social scripts with different levels of complexity.
- Visual scenes providing full context information.

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Tobii Sono Key

Tobii Sono Key Intuitive communication package providing access to all functions of the communication device for literate persons.
- Unified highly intuitive user interface.
- Integrates long distance communication tools and computer access.
- Easy customization without any programming.

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