Tobii Tablet Kit

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The Tobii Tablet Kit – Turn your tablet into a Communication Aid

The Tobii Tablet Kit is a comprehensive, portable communication package for those who need the portability of a tablet computer and the full power of a Windows® 8 powered device with the trusted, reliable support of Tobii’s groundbreaking language software content. The bundle includes Tobii Communicator, Tobii Sono Suite language content, the powerful Dell Latitude 10 tablet and the robust Griffin Survivor Case for enhanced durability.

Now, users of touch screens, joysticks or switches can access the entire range of powerful Tobii AAC content via an affordable device without the cost barriers of dedicated Speech Generating Devices. Hand-selected by Tobii’s world-class assistive technology team, the Dell Latitude 10 tablet makes fewer compromises than any other consumer electronic tablet device used for AAC – providing better battery life, superior tech support, enhanced ruggedness and full control over the operating system.

Who benefits from the product?

With its long battery life and low weight the Tobii Tablet communication package makes it particularly suitable for users on the go. It is recommended for:

  • AAC users with high mobility and no need for eye control
  • organisations or AAC experts needing a cost-efficient and flexible solution to evaluate the AAC needs of a broad bandwidth of clients including schools, therapy centers and hospitals.

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Communication Tailored to Your Needs

Included in the Tobii Tablet Kit is Tobii Communicator and the entire Tobii Sono Suite, a full range of highly-customizable AAC software products intended to fit specifically to the demands of each individual user’s needs and preferences. Users are able to choose language content most suitable for their age, skill set, interests and personal situation – all in combination with a modern Windows 8 tablet.

Tobii Communicator and Sono Suite software licenses can be activated on two additional computers, allowing caregivers and therapists to easily maintain vocabularies remotely and support the user when needed.

Backed by the Award-Winning Dell Support Team

Understanding the need to communicate and the impact the loss of communication can have, Tobii has specifically partnered with Dell for its award-winning hardware tech support on all of its devices, including the Dell Latitude 10. Dell’s professional hardware tech support contract covers the first three years of ownership and includes next-business-day on-site service, so user’s can get their voice back as quickly as possible. Optional accidental damage coverage packages are also available.

Tobii’s qualified support department is also available to assist with any problems regarding Tobii software and language content.

The Ideal Package

Since their launch, Tobii Communicator software and Sono Suite vocabularies (Sono Primo, Sono Flex, Sono Lexis, Sono Key, Sono Scribe and LiterAACy) have made tremendous strides in advancing core vocabularies and helping users excel with their everyday verbal and written communications.

Together, with the Dell Latitude 10 Tablet and Griffin Survivor Case, the Tobii Tablet Kit constitutes a state-of-the-art and cost-efficient platform that opens up all the communication opportunities to its users – even if funding is not available.

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Windows 8 Tablet

Tobii Tablet Kit

A battery that runs and runs

The DELL Altitude 10 Tablet has a swappable 60 Whr battery, allowing for over 15 hours of continuous use. Therefore, the device can be used throughout the day without the need to recharge, enabling clear. Effective communication for the user whenever needed. Weighing in at only 1.87 lbs (850g) the device is among the lightest of AAC devices available today.

Excellent display

The 10.1 inch HD-display has a wide viewing angle and brilliant colors, even in natural daylight. The capacitive multi- touch panel is easy to use and is covered with damage-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass, offering enhanced protection against scratches and dents.

Input Versatility

Recognizing the broad needs of AAC users, the Dell Latitude 10 is equipped with a USB port for connections to the full range of AAC input devices: switch-ports for scanning, joysticks, touch pads or a head mouse. It can also be connected to standard computer peripherals, such as printers, or files can be accessed from a USB stick.

The tablet also comes equipped with a miniHDMI port so it can be connected to external screens, as well as a jack plug for headphones and speakers. The available disk space (64 GB on a sturdy SSD) can be extended via the available SD card slot.

Comprehensive solution

Integrated WLAN allows you to connect to the web and communicate with others in whichever way you choose: whether writing emails, Skyping or chatting with friends and family, accessing social network sites like Facebook and Twitter or updating your blog – wherever you are.

External speakers can be connected via Bluetooth, offering a unique compromise between maximum portability and volume.

The tablet also has two built-in cameras – an 8 MP camera facing forward to capture what you see and a 2 MP camera which films you. Together they let you document your day and communicate face-to-face with others online.

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Survivor Case

Tobii Tablet Kit

With a magnesium-alloy reinforced frame, integrated Solid State Disk and Corning® Gorilla® Glass display the Dell Latitidue 10 is built to withstand the wear and tear of the everyday, while still providing a modern, slim design. With the customized Griffin Surivor Case, also part of the Tobii Tablet Kit, the Dell Latitude can withstand even more.

Ideal protection in any circumstances: the Griffin Survivor Case

The Survivor Case is Griffin’s most protective case ever, designed to protect your tablet under the toughest of working conditions and under the most intense of demands.. The case is comprised of two polycarbonate panels with a shockabsorbent silicon layer on top. The integrated Touch-Through screen cover offers additional protection against heat, dust, liquids and humidity.

So durable, the case even meets the requirements set by the U.S. Department of Defense (MIL-STD-810G) for performance in military operations and easily withstands the daily adversities of an AAC device, such as being dropped from a table, carried through the rain or handled by peanut buttered fingers.

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Technical Specifications of the Dell Latitude 10 in the Tobii Tablet Kit


10.1” IPS HD (1366 X 768) Wide View Angle LCD


1366 x 768 Pixel

Touch Panel

Capacitive 5 Finger Touch Screen with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2


Width: 10.8” / 274.0mm
Height: 0.6” / 16. 0mm
Depth: 7.0” / 176.6mm


1.87lbs/850 g


Intel® AtomTM Prozessor Z2760 (1,8 GHz)


2 GB DDR2 SDRAM (800Hz), integrated

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 8 Pro 32 Bit



Card Reader

SD Memory Card Reader


USB 2.0, Stereo headphone/Microphone combo jack, Mini-HDMI, Micro-USB charging port


Wireless LAN + Bluetooth:
Dell Wireless™ 1536C (802.11 a/b/g/n 1X1) and
Bluetooth 4.0 LE Combo Card


4-cell (60Whr) Lithium Ion battery (swappable)


Over 15 hrs of continuous use (in typical usage scenario)


Integrated 720p HD front facing video webcam, 2MP front facing camera, and 8MP rear facing camera


3 Year ProSupport™ service (including International Next Business Day On-Site Service)

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Poreklo EU(Sweden), Cene:
Tobii Tablet Kit, 3 year Pro Support: proveriti
Tobii Tablet Kit, 3 year Pro Support + 3year Damage Coverage: proveriti
u Srbiji u dinarima.


Tobii Tablet Kit, 3 year Pro Support

Dell* Latitude 10 Win 8 Tablet with enhanced battery, Griffin Survivor Case* and Tobii Communicator Gold with all Tobii Content products for self configuration as a powerful, versatile and rugged Communication tool. Next business day on-site HW support for 3 years included.

Tobii Tablet Kit, 3 year Pro Support + 3year Damage Coverage

Dell* Latitude 10 Win 8 Tablet with enhanced battery, Griffin Survivor Case* and Tobii Communicator Gold with all Tobii Content products for self configuration as a powerful, versatile and rugged Communication tool. Next business day on-site HW support plus coverage of accidental damages for 3 years included.

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