Tobii C12 - AAC device for independence

Tobii C12 AAC device

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Sometimes you need to say more and the Tobii C12 Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device, part of the module based C-Series product family of AAC solutions form Tobii, allows you do just that. The C12 AAC devices' large screen is perfect for users who need to fit in more text or symbols, as well as for those who require larger text or symbols. And with optional eye or head control, the Tobii C12 AAC device gives more independence to a wider variety of users, too.

Who is helped by the the ACC device?

The Tobii C12 AAC device is suitable for users who are ambulatory and have use of their hands. Together with the optional eye control module, the Tobii CEye, the Tobii C12 AAC device is also well suited for users who have limited or no use of hands and other body parts:

Control brings independence; Tobii’s C12 AAC device offers the ultimate control through flexibility. Its 12 inch screen allows you to view more text and symbols or to view larger text and symbols, depending on your requirement. And with a flexibility in AAC software and functionality, you choose how to communicate with your C12 AAC device: either using text or symbols to generate synthesized or digitized speech – perfect for asking or answering questions, having a conversation, telling your favorite joke, or simply saying hello; or by using computer communication in the form of e-mail, text messages or chat. There’s even a built-in camera in the AAC device enabling you to capture and post images on the move.

Built-in flexibility

And the flexibility doesn’t end there. The Tobii C12 AAC device can be controlled via the touch screen, via eye control using the Tobii CEye, or by using the Tobii CDot Tracker headmouse. Like all the products in the C-series the C12 AAC device can be used to write and edit documents, surf the Internet, listen to music, play games, control your TV and DVD, open doors, and switch on lights* and to plan and manage your time.

Personal and portable AAC Device

Easy to personalize, the C12 AAC device has a choice of languages and the possibility to create multiple profiles, depending on where you are or what you’re up to; perfect for AAC devices that are shared by several students or for users who need one setting in the morning and one in the evening, when tiredness can take over. The C12’s lightweight, sleek, portable design comes with multiple mounting systems making the AAC device compatible with any wheelchair, walker or bed frame and the shock-mounted hard drive makes the C12 the most flexible AAC device on the market; wherever you choose to take it.

*Additional equipment or licenses may be required for turning your device into an environmental control unit (ECU) to interact with household objects and to enable it for long distance communication such as internet. chat etc.

12" Screen to hold a lot of information

The AAC devices' large screen to enable viewing of more content or to accommodate larger text or symbols for users with limited vision or who lack the precision to accurately select elements on the ACC device's screen.

Customizable in form

The Tobii C12 AAC device comes with a set of interchangeable colored side panels that you can use to match your mood and environment.

Customizable in function

The Tobii C12 is an ACC device based around the concept of plug'n'play, and you do a basic setup up in minutes. Of course you are able to customize the system.

Select the software and language options that  suit your needs and wants. The C12 AAC device includes Tobii Communicator Standard software, allowing communication via text or using more than 15,000 SymbolStix icons from New-2-You. Upgrades to e-mail, text messaging and environmental control are available on the C12 AAC device.

Profiles to match your ability

Since the Tobii C12 is an AAC device supporting multiple user profiles you could share the device among several users, something that can be useful in a classroom setting. Just as easily you can set up different profiles on your C12 AAC device to match your abilities, should they change during the day.

Tobii C12 AAC device

Supports most access methods

You can control the Tobii C12 AAC device via the touch screen, keyboard, mouse, a switch or by the optional  eye control module Tobii CEye or by Tobii CDot Tracker headmouse (a reflective dot attached to the user seen by a camera). This enables users with little or no control of their hands or other body parts to control the functions of the C12 AAC device.

Large trackbox gives freedom of movement

With the optional eye control  module Tobii CEye, the Tobii C12 AAC devices offers one of the largest track boxes on the market. This means greater freedom of movement for users with uncontrollable head movements, such as with Cerebral Palsy. Should you happen to leave the AAC devices' trackbox you don't need to recalibrate, the system finds your eyes automatically.

Built to be used

The Tobii C12 AAC device is lightweight and easy to carry. With multiple mounting options you can easily mount the device to your wheelchair, walker or bed frame.

The shock-mounted hard drive, long lasting swappable batteries, powerful processor and stable operating system are just some of the other features that make the C12 a very suitable AAC device for active use.

Medicare approved

Dedicated SDG Tobii C12 is a Medicare approved AAC device and easier to obtain than you might think. Just give us a call and we will walk you through the funding process.

Technical Specifications

Display 12.1" resistive touch screen
Dimensions (WxHxD) 12.3" x 10.4" x 1.8" / 312 x 264 x 46 mm
Weight 6.5 lbs / 2,9 kg
Speakers 4 integrated
Microphones 2 integrated
Processor Intel Core Duo U2500
Operating System Windows 7
Hard disk drive 60 GB
SD Card 1 GB
Connectors 2 x USB 2.0
1 x Micro USB
1 x RJ45
2 x Switch
1 x Head phone (stereo)
1 x DC in
WLAN Optional
Bluetooth Optional
GSM Optional
Battery time Approx. 5h
Camera 640x480 pixels
Deskstand Integrated
Mounting Optional brackets for Vesa, Daessy and Rehadapt
Poreklo EU(Sweden), :
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