EasyLink 12 Touch

EasyLink 12 Touch

The first wireless Braille assistant that combines the benefits of touch screen access, a Braille display and Notetaker in an ultra-portable and stylish design.


Easy touch screen access

Whether you are an advanced Braille user or read in Braille less frequently, the Optelec EasyLink 12 Touch is the ideal Braille assistant for you. It seamlessly connects to your iPhone, iPad or iPod, providing easy Braille access to these modern touch screen devices anywhere and anytime.

Effortless use without interruption

The EasyLink 12 Touch helps you to focus on reading and writing. It includes an innovative 12 cell refreshable Braille display with a touch cursor sensor. When moving your finger upwards, onto the sensor, it automatically activates your cursor routing, eliminating an extra handling and the chance of an incorrect command.

Access apps in Braille

Read your books or listen to music. Manage your appointments and contacts. Read and write e-mails, text messages and documents. And access thousands of apps effortlessly.

Would you like to learn more about the EasyLink 12 Touch?

Listen to the EasyLink Touch audio User Guide CD where our Braille Specialist, Terry Clasper helps you to get started. Click on the links below to start the tracks:
Track 1 - Introduction
Track 2 - Layout of the EasyLink
Track 3 - Getting the EasyLink Touch working with your iDevice
Track 4 - Starting to use the EasyLink Touch



  • 12 Braille cells with integrated touch cursor routing sensor: for reading and navigation
  • 6 Braille and 3 function input keys for writing
  • Navigation: true touch cursor routing, joystick & 2 Braille navigation keys
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology (standard v.1.1)
  • Integrated rechargeable battery: offering 12 hours continuous use
  • Dimensions: 15.1 x 9.6 x 2.1 cm / 5.9 x 3.8 x 0.8 in
  • Weight: 260 g / 9 oz

Screen Reader Compatibility 

  • Apple iOS VoiceOver
Poreklo: EU (NL), Cena :
- Optelec EasyLink 12 Touch: 1400 EUR + PDV (ako se placa)
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EasyLink 12 Touch

EasyLink 12 Touch

EasyLink 12 Touch