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ErgoRest Forearm Support

ErgoRest forearm supports are ergonomically designed to provide a support for the forearm. It is ideally suited for both office and industrial applications. The arm has a flowing movement on a horizontal plane and allows you to move between the keyboard and mouse without any interruption in support. It clamps to the worksurface and is height adjustable to 2.95" above the worksurface.

ERGOREST® Forearm support is lightweight and easy movable. The support is made of aluminium alloy and polyamid, the pad is upholstered with genuine leather.

 The forearm support will be attached to table top by adjustable clamps. It also has a height adjustment screw.


Model 330- Outer arm Pad Clamp adjustment
000 Short (89 mm) Short (130 mm) Small (15-43 mm)
100 Short (89 mm) Short (130 mm) Large (34-64 mm)
011 Short (89 mm) Long (200 mm) Small (15-43 mm)
111 Short (89 mm) Long (200 mm) Large (34-64 mm)
013 Long (125 mm) Short (130 mm) Small (15-43 mm)
113 Long (125 mm) Short (130 mm) Large (34-64 mm)
 016 Long (125 mm)  Long (200 mm)  Small (15-43 mm)
 116 Long (125 mm)  Long (200 mm)  Small (15-43 mm)
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